The meeting once again took place in-person, as restrictions have now been lifted.
Assistència Sanitària

SCIAS holds its Ordinary General Meeting

M. Àngels Font, the chairwoman of the organisation led the meeting, which has now gone back to being in-person again.

On the 11th of June  SCIAS’ Ordinary General Meeting took place in Barcelona, attended by the same amount of people as the previous year, who form part of the cooperative and give meaning to the healthcare cooperativism model of which it is a prime example. Prior to this, at preparatory assemblies, members chose delegates and established the appropriate preliminary agreements according to the corresponding demarcations and sectors.

Led by the chairwoman of the cooperative, M. Àngels Font, the assembly is mainly used to evaluate the overall management, distribute surplus, approve the annual accounts, agree on capital contributions, choose the members of the Governing Council and other organs and, if such is the case, modify the articles of association or different regulations of the organisation. It is, therefore, SCIAS’ top governing body, although it does not have an executive nature.